AWS Cloud Solutions for Energy

Modernize and meet compliance requirements

As the energy industry evolves, new business and delivery models are being put into place. Data is becoming a key business enabler and industry innovators are embracing digital business. With these changes comes a need for new, optimized cloud infrastructure.

Flux7 cloud architecture consulting solutions for the energy industry include :

Desktop as a Service and Amazon Workspaces enablement for distributed workforces

Analytics infrastructure, IoT infrastructure, or cloud infrastructure for Big Data projects

Rapid set up or optimization of your infrastructure using cloud DevOps principles

High availability and performance solutions

Improve developer productivity

Amazon Cloud Hosting Energy Solution

Customer Success Stories

Reduced time to market for Australia’s
5th largest solar panel installer

Industry: Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy Cloud Services

Renewable Energy Giants
migrated to the AWS cloud

Industry:Renewable Energy

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Migration to the AWS Cloud


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