AWS Cloud Solutions for Energy

Quickly Transition to Modern Infrastructure With Assurance

Creating greater value through innovation

In energy today, innovation is not limited to exploration or production. Indeed, technology systems and services such as cyber security, IoT, and data mining that can improve operational performance are strategic initiatives. As Austin, Texas-based AWS partners, we are a frequent partner to energy companies looking to harness the power of IT modernization to simultaneously reduce risk, grow innovation, and increase productivity.

AWS Consulting to Fit Your Needs

We provide AWS consulting along the energy value chain to design and build highly available solutions that:


Increase Developer Productivity

Push-button infrastructure services


Improve Security

Remove opportunities for security exploits through AWS Security by Design principles and best practices


Establish IoT network infrastructure

From data collection at the edge to deep data analytics in the cloud


Maintain Compliance

Proactively address governance, regulation and security requirements

Improve Operations

Infrastructures built on DevOps best practices that generate greater efficiency, effectiveness and overall value.


Speed Time To Market

Capitalize on new opportunities by maximizing developer productivity


Reduce Costs

Match capacity to need with fast provisioning and autoscaling resources


Case Studies

Fugro Launches IoT Based Service with Flux7 Cloud Expertise:

The system with high availability and infrastructure flexibility to help ensure data would not be lost due to a disaster recovery issue. With continuous delivery of code, Fugro’s customers are sure to always have the newest software features at their fingertips. Multiple levels of security and reliability have been built into the solution, extending Fugro’s reputation for reliability, dependability and expertise.

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IoT Solution Improves Customer Engagement, Marketing Channels

The AWS and Docker solution enabled monitoring of the power output of the solar panels and customer data including electricity consumption and other customer metrics for marketing and innovation.

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TechNip Modernizes, Migrates For Increased Operations Productivity

Using prepared templates built with Technip’s specific security and regulatory compliance requirements, Technip’s application teams were able to access and provision assets on a self-service basis. TechNip used AWS Server Migration Service to ease SharePoint migrations. Click the button to watch TechNip present at AWS re:Invent 2016.

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Horan and Bird Improve Customer Engagement

The Australian solar panel company improved customer engagement by informing them of the savings they earn from using solar panels and eased operations functions while bringing a new solution to market.

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Mass Migration to AWS For Renewable Energy Leader

This renewable energy leader had two parallel goals it wanted to achieve. First, it wanted to use a cloud migration as an opportunity to overhaul its business processes. Secondly, in the migration process, this organization looked to build standardization.

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Flux7 Awarded Best AWS Partner/Consultant For 3rd Year in a Row

This is the third year running that Flux7 has been named to the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards and we take it as a strong vote of confidence in our approach to AWS and DevOps consulting, the quality of our work, and the unwavering focus on technical excellence that we pride ourselves on at Flux7.

Q&A with Aater Suleman: Building the Innovation Friendly IoT Infrastructure

Enterprises are investing heavily in their IoT efforts. With so many devices coming online, enterprises can expect a lot of changes and incremental demand on their infrastructure. Those that do it right will be able to drive innovative solutions for themselves and their businesses. But what does such an innovative friendly IoT infrastructure look like? For that answer, we turned to Flux7 co-founder, Aater Suleman.

Flux7 Selected as AWS Migration Competency Program Partner

Businesses are migrating critical infrastructure to AWS at increasingly rapid rates and seeking to partner with experts to help speed migrations and reduce the risks of adopting this new technology. Each migration is unique, though we’ve found common patterns that help us to quickly design architectures that include common foundational services and accommodate the needs of different applications and workloads.