Five Best Practices to Achieve Enterprise-Wide DevOps

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Challenged with increased competitive pressure, many organizations turn to DevOps methodologies to increase agility, speed their time to market, access additional markets, and more. Helping address these pressures, DevOps process improvements both speed development and operations productivity while increasing the quality and security of output.

The very definition of DevOps is an evolving one. First looked to by Agile development shops as a way to further evolve and set up systems in the public cloud (most often without the help of operations at all), DevOps has become a much more mainstream way to define the systematic flow of ideas from what once was Development, Test, Deployment and IT Operations to what is now cross-functional teams that can deliver part of the overall value stream. As DevOps evolved, its adoption became more widespread. According to research by Forrester, 50% of enterprises are implementing DevOps, and as a result, the conversation has moved from “What is DevOps?” to “How do I implement at scale?”.

In working with hundreds of enterprises on their DevOps initiatives, one key learning is that not all teams are created the same. With three primary categories of teams – innovators, the majority, and slow adopters – we have created a five-step best practices process that any organization, regardless of their current maturity level, can apply to achieve DevOps at scale.

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Why Flux7?

Enterprises gain fast time to value from Flux7 cloud implementation, automation and DevOps consulting services and solutions. Bring ideas to life and shorten time to market with modern IT systems and workflows that scale, secure and increase the efficiency of technology service delivery. Flux7 Premier AWS Consulting Partners provide insight and expertise from 300+ DevOps projects.


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Five Best Practices to Achieve Enterpise-Wide DevOps

May 6, 2019