Cloud Solutions for Life Sciences

Create scalable, secure, efficient architecture
that meets security and compliance requirements

Gain the ability to scale and produce better, faster updates to production software with cloud architecture that leverages the latest technologies and strategies for cloud computing in healthcare such as DevOps and containers like Docker. Meet HIPAA and SOX requirements and control costs of resource-intensive projects using creative strategies.

Premier Consulting Partners

Technical Knowledge to Help You Modernize and Scale

Strong AWS Security and Compliance with Built-In Automation
Flux7 life sciences and healthcare infrastructure solutions provide compliant, scalable and self-healing cloud infrastructure. Using AWS automation and security best practices, we build solutions that help you meet market opportunities by keeping focused on your business, not worrying about your infrastructure.

Contained Projects, Clear Deliverables
Right-sized projects provide the expertise you need, when you need it. Using a DevOps approach, Flux7 extends the value AWS infrastructure with configuration management, containers and CI/CD.

Agility Through Independent Management
Gain long-term agility, reduce risk and rapidly progress projects with best-practices based infrastructure that you can manage yourself with push button, repeatable infrastructure using Service Catalog and self-healing environments.

AWS Security

Increase Security and Compliance

Meet HIPAA and other compliance requirements. Remove opportunities for security exploits through AWS Security by Design principles and best practices

Continuous Integration

Speed Time to Market

Gain self-provisioning, containerized development environments and continuous integration and delivery. Support a microservices strategy while more easily meeting compliance and security requirements.
Globalized Websites

Power Scalable, Easily Globalized Websites

Efficiently manage variable demands of websites supporting marketing, applications and services with an eye to costs and failover
Self-Healing IoT Infrastructure

Repeatable, Self-Healing IoT Infrastructure

Enable new business models with infrastructure that is scalable, cost-effective and secure
Automated Disaster Recovery

Backup and Recovery

Meet uptime goals and business continuity through automated disaster recovery
IT Operations Management

Ease IT Operations

Quickly provision infrastructure in a predefined manner maintaining IT control of security and governance policies, while enabling template updates



Healthcare organization builds a service catalog that enables the development team to increase productivity by self-provisioning infrastructure that meets security and compliance requirements including critical separated role access.

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Practical HPC solution for Life Sciences analytics company: AWS infrastructure powers massively parallel compute cluster, NoSQL and indexing. Security best practices ensure HIPAA compliance and privacy.

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Pristine saves six weeks of development time and gains agility with strategic, scalable, healthcare compliant infrastructure. DevOps solution increases automation and speeds time to market.

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Electronic Health Record provider meets HIPAA requirements in the cloud with HashiCorp Vault. New solution helped meet and exceed RTO and RPO goals

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Read how HIPAAChat established a secure, HIPAA-compliant system that could scale to meet demand and provide the flexibility and control Tapestry needed to remain agile and meet new business opportunities.

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Flux7 AWS experts guide architecture design and delivery to increase speed of service delivery while maintaining HIPAA compliance and data security with a microservices architecture.

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