How to Enable Remote Work

Building and Fostering Remote Work

Changing requirements for physical distance are forcing organizations to accelerate remote work plans. While several solutions exist for on-demand, virtualized desktop services, cloud readiness can be a challenge. Identity management, security, and automation are key considerations required for a sound, secure and scalable Desktop as a Service architecture.


We’ve consolidated our resources to enable and model a remote work environment here. 

Enabling Cloud Foundations For Remote Desktop Services

Technology’s Role in the Agile Enterprise

While achieving an Agile Enterprise must be rooted in the business and must be accompanied by an agile culture, a technology platform that supports agility can be a key lever to successful agile transformation.  

Flux7 AWS Landing Zone Sets the Foundation for Amazon WorkSpaces

The AWS experts at Flux7 helped an engineering firm implement a sound AWS foundation that would enable it to adopt Amazon WorkSpaces for its hundreds of engineers. 

DevOps, DaaS & AWS WorkSpaces: Facilitating Self-Service Across the Organization

We discuss the three principles underpinning DevOps: an emphasis on the performance of the entire system over silos; creating tight feedback loops; and fostering a culture of continual experimentation, learning, and the understanding that practice is prerequisite to mastery.

Use Desktop as a Service to Create a Push-button Learning Lab

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is catching on as a way to further save on CAPEX. The reality for most large organizations is that many DaaS offerings are limited as their ability to handle workloads and the strategy must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

AWS WorkSpaces Now with Tagging for Greater Governance

By tagging WorkSpaces, organizations can track WorkSpace use and associated charges to monitor costs and improve governance.  We support the vision of zero hardware which naturally encompasses end client systems. 

Fostering An Effective Remote Work Environment: Culture and Practice

Remote Employees Share Their Tips for a Healthy Remote Work Environment

Whether your team is temporarily in a remote work situation or is looking to move to a more remote setup, our 100% remote team came together to offer their learned insights to help you create your own healthy remote work environment.

Remote Onboarding: Creating an Excellent Candidate Experience

There is a lot to be said for working remotely. To ensure that everyone transitions as seamlessly as possible into a 100% remote workforce, onboarding is a critical step. 

Customers & Employees Thrive in Flux7 Remote Workforce Corporate Culture

Every job is comprised of two things: what you do and who you do it with. At Flux7, we’ve been able to incorporate the best of each of these into our corporate culture. 

“I Work Remotely”: A Day in the Life of a Flux7 Employee

We are take a deep dive into our culture and what it really means to be a Flux7 employee. We interviewed several of our employees and have shared their combined thoughts here.

Why Flux7 Favors Remote AWS DevOps Consulting Services

At Flux7 we truly embrace DevOps, and when coupled with cloud computing, remote delivery provides many benefits and distinct advantages that we pass along to the customer.

Next Steps?

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