Continuous Auditing and Monitoring of AWS Configuration

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Keep Up With AWS Compliance: Automated Monitoring With AWS Config Rules

Adopt continuous monitoring of AWS infrastructure and increase compliance, adherence, and consistency across your organization.

Not knowing about changes to AWS configurations, or finding out too late, can leave systems vulnerable, increase costs and negatively impact performance.  Use Flux7’s AWS Config Rules Guide to set up your own AWS managed rules to automatically:

Ensure only specified EC2 instances are being used

Check whether EC2 instances belong to a VPC

Disallow unrestricted incoming SSH traffic and incoming TCP traffic to a specified port

Check EBS volume encryption

Check AWS CloudTrail enablement

Know instantly when change occurs, including:

Improper AWS account use

Negligent or willful misuse

Rule violations

Non-compliance with best practices

Why Flux7?  Enterprises gain fast time to value from Flux7 cloud implementation, automation and DevOps consulting services and solutions. Bring ideas to life and shorten time to market with modern IT systems and workflows that scale, secure and increase the efficiency of technology service delivery.  Flux7 Premier AWS Consulting Partners provide insight and expertise from 300+ DevOps projects.

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Improved Compliance with AWS Config Rules

June 20, 2019