IT Optimization


usinesses must continuously deliver higher levels of efficiency to maintain business profitability, meet customer demand and prepare for growth. For some, the search for new cost management practices and ways to boost performance can be daunting. For us, it’s fun. Here is where we put our years of performance optimization, benchmarking and cost management strategies to work for you.

Costs Management

80% AWS Customers overpay by 2X
Reason: Over allocation or Lack of Best Practices

Flux7 Solution

  • Thorough audit of your architecture
  • Cost reduction
  • Spot Instance Strategies
  • Consolidation of Docker Containers

Performance Audit

Websites with Longer Load times

  • Lower PageRank
  • Higher Bounce Rates

Flux7 Solution

  • Diagnose root cause performance
  • Deploy innovative and practical fixes

Disaster Readiness (DR)

Service Interruptions cause

  • Loss in Business
  • Customer Trust

Flux7 Solution

  • Prepare for unforseen scenarios
  • Audit your setup
  • Employ Best Practices
  • Implement DR testing

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