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Aater Suleman
CEO & Co-Founder

Aater Suleman

Aater Suleman, Ph.D. is co-founder and CEO of Flux7, an Austin-based DevOps consultancy modernizing enterprise IT infrastructure and processes and advancing knowledge of emerging technology for business value. He is a recognized thought leader and frequent speaker at events including AWS re:Invent, Dockercon, TechWell and O’Reilly and regularly conducts corporate workshops on digital transformation. He is a Technology Council Contributor for Forbes. Mr. Suleman actively puts his background in technology and experience as a professor at the University of Austin to work designing systems for continuous improvement at the world’s leading brands
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1. Flux7’s product VyScale won an Honorable mention at AWS re:Invent.
2. My paper [MICRO12] won the best paper award.
3. My papers [ASPLOS’09, ASPLOS’10] were selected for publication in Micro Top Picks, 2009 and 2010. Papers are chosen from top international conferences on the basis of their significance and influence.
4. Intel PhD. Fellowship, 2009. One of the 26 winners from all universities in the US. Provided full tuition for one year, monthly stipend (a total of $23000), and a travel grant ($1500).
5. Graduate Dean’s Prestigious Fellowship at UT, 2009. The fellowship included a cash award and a reduction in tuition fees.
6. Blog articles featured on websites like Slashdot, HackerNews, and DeveloperZone.
7. Medal for graduating from UT with Highest Honors, Spring 2003.[/li]
8. Distinguished Scholar Medal, Spring 2002.
9. UT Engineering Scholar, Spring 2001 to Spring 2003.
10. TxTEC Scholar, 2002-2003.
11. The prize included a cash award of $1000
12. College Scholar, Spring 2003.


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1. MorphCore: An Energy-Efficient Microarchitecture for High-Performance ILP and High Throughput TLP
The 45th Annual International Symposium on Microarchitecture, December 1, 2012

2. Bottleneck Identification and Scheduling in Multithreaded Applications

Proceedings of the 15th ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS).

3. Feedback-Driven Pipeline Parallelism

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4. Data Marshalling for Multi-core Architectures

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5. Accelerating Critical Section Execution with Asymmetric Multi-Core Architectures

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6. Feedback-Driven Threading: Higher-performance and Power-efficient execution of multithreaded workloads on CMPs

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7. LDIS: Increasing Cache Capacity by Filtering Unused Words in Cache Line

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8. 2D-Profiling: Detecting Input-Dependent Branches with a Single Input Data Set

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9. Resizeable Cache Architecture for High Yield SOC

Proceedings of the International Conference on IC Design and Technology, 2009

10. ICESat Laser Altimeter Measurement Time Validation System

Measurement Science and Technology


11. ICESat Geolocation Validation Using Airborne Photography

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12. Feedback-Driven Pipelining

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13. An Asymmetric Multi-core Architecture for Accelerating Critical Sections

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15. 2D-Profiling: Detecting Input-Dependent Branches with a Single Input Data Set HPS Technical Report, TR-HPS-2006-001 2006


AWS re:Invent 2016: Get Technically Inspired by Container-Powered Migrations – Aater Suleman joins AWS partner solutions architect and AWS executive cloud strategist to share a technical journey through application migration and refactoring using containerized technologies. Flux 7 recently worked with Rent-a-Center to perform a Hybris migration from their datacenter to AWS and you can hear how they used Amazon ECS, the new Application Load Balancer, and Auto Scaling to meet the customers’ business objectives.

AWS re:Invent 2016: Deploying Scalable SAP Hybris Clusters using Docker – Aater Suleman joins Rent-A-Center’s Senior Director of DevOps to present their challenge: to architect, deploy, and manage a mission-critical SAP Hybris ecommerce platform that could scale to 2 million users a month. Together with Flux7, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Rent-A-Center created an AWS-based approach that would help deliver the solution to market faster, in a secure, highly available, PCI-compliant fashion. In this session, we walk through the implementation details of this solution and its challenges, and explore how Rent-A-Center is now able to achieve ROI through agility, scalability, security, and cost savings.

Lessons From Using Docker to Improve Web Developer Productivity – Aater Suleman and the general manager for Cars.com co-present at the inaugural DockerCon. Cars.com used Docker containers to optimize their code delivery pipeline and implement a DevOps approach that sped time to market.

Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain
CTO & Co-Founder

Ali Hussain

Ali Hussain is CTO and co-founder at Flux7, Inc., an award-winning Austin based IT consulting company recognized by AWS for its proficiency in DevOps. Ali began his career in computer architecture and performance at ARM and Intel, and today leads Flux7’s research and development efforts. A highly accredited Amazon Web Services technologist with certified expertise in complementary technologies including Docker and HashiCorp, Ali focuses on designing and integrating cloud technology into business solutions that improve operations, development, and business productivity.

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level
Amazon Web Services, License AWS-ASA-2419
February 2014 – February 2016


1. Parallelization of SIFT on Rigel, May 25, 2011