Leadership Team


Aater Suleman
CEO & Co-Founder

Aater Suleman

Aater Suleman is co-founder and CEO of Flux7, an Austin-based IT consultancy helping organizations to apply cloud technology, DevOps approaches, and advanced development knowledge for business agility and efficiency. After starting his career in hardware architecture and performance optimization, Mr. Suleman has spent nearly a decade working at the forefront of cloud technology. He is a frequent speaker at Devops and Cloud development events. With a passion for research, Mr. Suleman continues to serve as a member of the faculty of the University of Texas, Austin and ensures Flux7 continually invests in research, development and testing of new technologies for the benefit of Flux7 clients.


1. Flux7’s product VyScale won an Honorable mention at AWS re:Invent.
2. My paper [MICRO12] won the best paper award.
3. My papers [ASPLOS’09, ASPLOS’10] were selected for publication in Micro Top Picks, 2009 and 2010. Papers are chosen from top international conferences on the basis of their significance and influence.
4. Intel PhD. Fellowship, 2009. One of the 26 winners from all universities in the US. Provided full tuition for one year, monthly stipend (a total of $23000), and a travel grant ($1500).
5. Graduate Dean’s Prestigious Fellowship at UT, 2009. The fellowship included a cash award and a reduction in tuition fees.
6. Blog articles featured on websites like Slashdot, HackerNews, and DeveloperZone.
7. Medal for graduating from UT with Highest Honors, Spring 2003.[/li]
8. Distinguished Scholar Medal, Spring 2002.
9. UT Engineering Scholar, Spring 2001 to Spring 2003.
10. TxTEC Scholar, 2002-2003.
11. The prize included a cash award of $1000
12. College Scholar, Spring 2003.


1. MorphCore: An Energy-Efficient Microarchitecture for High-Performance ILP and High Throughput TLP
The 45th Annual International Symposium on Microarchitecture, December 1, 2012

2. Bottleneck Identification and Scheduling in Multithreaded Applications

Proceedings of the 15th ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS).

3. Feedback-Driven Pipeline Parallelism

Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT), 2010

4. Data Marshalling for Multi-core Architectures

Proceedings of the 37th International Symposium on Computer Architecture, 2010

5. Accelerating Critical Section Execution with Asymmetric Multi-Core Architectures

Proceedings of the 14th ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS), 2009

6. Feedback-Driven Threading: Higher-performance and Power-efficient execution of multithreaded workloads on CMPs

Proceedings of the 13th ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS), 2008

7. LDIS: Increasing Cache Capacity by Filtering Unused Words in Cache Line

Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA), 2007

8. 2D-Profiling: Detecting Input-Dependent Branches with a Single Input Data Set

Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO), 2006

9. Resizeable Cache Architecture for High Yield SOC

Proceedings of the International Conference on IC Design and Technology, 2009

10. ICESat Laser Altimeter Measurement Time Validation System

Measurement Science and Technology


11. ICESat Geolocation Validation Using Airborne Photography

IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2010

12. Feedback-Driven Pipelining

HPS Technical Report, TR-HPS-2010-001, 2010

13. An Asymmetric Multi-core Architecture for Accelerating Critical Sections

HPS Technical Report, TR-HPS-2008-003, 2008

14. ACMP: Balancing Hardware Efficiency and Programmer Efficiency

HPS Technical Report, TR-HPS-2007-001, 2007

15. 2D-Profiling: Detecting Input-Dependent Branches with a Single Input Data Set HPS Technical Report, TR-HPS-2006-001 2006

Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain
CTO & Co-Founder

Ali Hussain

Ali Hussain is CTO & Co-Founder at Flux7 Labs. Ali has been designing scalable and distributed systems for the last decade and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Associate Level, earning this recognition with a score of 95%.

He began his career at Intel as part of the performance modeling team for Intel’s Atom microprocessor where he focused on benchmarking, power usage and workload optimization. Ali spent four years focused on performance modeling at ARM, Inc. At ARM he optimized the latency and throughput characteristics of systems, modeled performance, and brought a data-driven methodology to performance analyses.

Ali acquired his passion for distributed systems while earning his MS at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His Bachelor of Science (High Honors) in Computer Engineering was obtained from the University of Texas at Austin.

His current interests in Flux7 are in Enterprise Migration and configuration management.


1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level
Amazon Web Services, License AWS-ASA-2419
February 2014 – February 2016


1. Parallelization of SIFT on Rigel, May 25, 2011

Leadership Team

Vishnu Priya Balasundaram
Business Manager

Vishnu Priya Balasundaram serves as Business Manager at Flux7, leading company operations and establishing processes and best practices for the group. She also plays a key role in helping to assess the current status of new Flux7 customer infrastructure.

She has been with the company since October of 2012, and spent her first seven months with Flux7 as creative director, responsible for marketing and operations.

Prior to joining Flux7, Vishnu worked with as a gamification consultant. She completed her graduate internship with Azimuth in the e-learning department, testing online store websites and managing their SEO and social media issues. She earned a bachelor’s degree in technology from Pondicherry Engineering College in 2010 and a Master’s of Science in Web Technology from the University of Southampton.

Similarity Based Imputation Method for Time Variant Data

2006-2010 Pondicherry Engineering College
Bachelor of Technology (BTech), Computer Science & Engineering, First Class (8.29/10)
2006 – 2010

University of Southampton
MSc Web Technology, Web Technology, Merit
2010 – 2011

AWS Technical Professional
AWS Business Accreditation

Tamarie Ellis

Tamarie Ellis leads Flux7 marketing and is the regional manager for Australasia. She has over 20 years of experience driving strategy, growth and innovation in the enterprise applications, security and software development space. She develops and implements the marketing strategy for the company, focusing on delivering valuable customer stories, tips for the community and helping define and refine customer solutions.

University of Oregon, Political Science 1988-1992
University of San Diego, 1992-1993

AWS Technical Professional
AWS TCO and Cloud Economics
Certified Scrum Master

Tracey Seitz


Tracey Seitz leads the sales team, helping to present customers with creative solutions to meet their business needs. With more than 15 years’ experience in both sales and customer service, she has a proven track record in new business acquisition and account development, and is viewed as a valuable resource for developing long-lasting, profitable client relationships.

Prior to joining Flux7 in 2014, Seitz has worn a number of professional hats, from Sales and Customer Service manager to central sales director to HR and recruitment manager for firms including Experian, Expert Marketing LLC, and Raleigh UK LTD and Yellow Pages. She also set up several virtual sales operations for start up businesses.

AWS Business Certified
Dale Carnegie
Strategic Selling

David Potter
Delivery Manager

David Potter is the Delivery Manager for Flux7. His duties include project management, engineering staff management and administration. He takes exceptional pride in leading his teams through complex project completion that ensures satisfaction for both the internal team and the external customer.

His experience in project management and administration were cultivated over the past 14 years as an education administrator with focus in customer service, conflict resolution, troubleshooting, and technology. Prior to joining Flux7, he was Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for DeWitt Public Schools in Michigan for 4-½ years after a decade as a principal inside the school district.

Master of Arts, Michigan State University

Amazon Web Service Business Professional Accreditation
Amazon Web Service Technical Professional Accreditation