How We Help Manage Response to Covid19 Impacts


In Crises, Time and Execution Matters


Organizations around the world are being tested by the impacts of COVID-19 and working conditions are changing. Skilled workers, already in short demand, will be balancing other priorities at work, and at home. It’s easy to make costly mistakes or miss longer-lead opportunities.


While COVID-19 is a new challenge for all of us, we remain fully dedicated to helping our customer manage the impacts and opportunities during this time. As experienced ‘sherpas’ who have been operating as a 100% remote multinational organization for over seven years, we can help lead your team through this process and help you build agility and resilience to respond. 


We’ve put together a short list of how we can help. 

Enable Remote Work


Enable remote working while respecting data protections using VDI.

Rapidly deploy and manage a VDI solution on the cloud for VDI platform of choice (VMWare, Citrix, AWS WorkSpaces). Integrate with existing tools being used for security and user productivity. Take advantage of automation and the cloud to enable security and keep capital expenditures low for quick deployment and lowering procurement time.

Find out how we model and help accelerate cloud foundations to support remote work solutions.

Read how businesses can support resource intensive applications using AWS Workspaces

Need to quickly make large amounts of documents available to a workforce? Read how an energy sector firm digitized documents using Amazon Textract so employees didn’t need to access physical documents.

Launch New Cloud Services Quickly


Commercial and public sectors may need to rapidly launch new digital services to support changing needs such as pressure to reduce face to face contact time. Rushed decisions can lead to mistakes. Jumpstart new cloud delivery models with security and automation best practices.

We’ll help you to:

Increase Scalability And Availability of Services


Industries like education, healthcare, emergency services, financial services, and essential services like grocery stores and pharmacies are under pressure to scale online service delivery. 

Some web services may be experiencing spikes in demand. Caching can be applied at multiple layers, and between an application and databases. We explain how a proactive strategy for scalability can be achieved here. 

We’ll help your team by:

  • Collaboratively designing autoscaling architectures
  • Optimizing failover and recovery strategies
  • Implementing monitoring and alerting services

Case Studies:

Enable AI/ML and Data Analytics at Scale


Manage business disruption and develop new revenue streams, optimize costs and look for patterns. Meet the need for increased transparency and improved decision making with improved analytics capabilities.

Help data and analytics leaders achieve better business outcomes by gaining the ability to repeatedly launch nearly limitless capacity with a scalable, elastic infrastructure that can address the most compute-intensive models. 

Our team helps you to:

Case Studies

On behalf of our team at Flux7 we remain committed to support our customers in these unprecedented times and above all, stay safe and healthy.

Talk to our technical team to find out how to move forward with VDI/DaaS solutions

Next Steps

Talk to our technical team to find out how to move forward with VDI/DaaS solutions