Reduce Cloud Pricing Costs

Many organizations turn to the cloud and DevOps to help reduce overhead and streamline processes in order to save costs as the advantages of cloud-based automation in reducing costs are manifold.

Automation can optimize to ensure against idle servers, making the most effective possible use of cloud pricing models, like reserved and spot instances.


With technology and DevOps process improvement, teams are able to automate manual tasks, reducing human error and putting expensive human resources on more strategic, business-impacting activities. Thus increasing developer productivity and decreasing hands-on IT systems management which results in greater financial business impact.

At Flux7, we help optimize costs through:

Automated Infrastructure

With AWS automation, we can closely monitor assets for use and demand, ensuring that you don’t pay for resources you don’t need. Using services like AWS CloudWatch in conjunction with auto-scaling, Flux7 is able to scale up your infrastructure as needed, rather than provisioning — and paying — for worst case scenarios. Similarly, Flux7 uses automation to scale down or even retire instances when they are no longer needed, ensuring that you pay only for what you need.


Flux7 extensively uses automation to ensure new code deployments, configuration, infrastructure, and security pipelines flow seamlessly, without costly downtime due to human error. Automated deployments also provide the consistency that makes it more cost effective when deploying new environments.


Moreover, Flux7 uses automation to make it easy for teams to work within the new AWS DevOps environment, decreasing the impetus for shadow IT and the risks and potential costs associated with it. Last, automation coupled with security helps customers meet and exceed their SLA requirements, eliminating any costly payments that could result.

Spot Instances

For some organizations, it may make sense to take advantage of services that lend themselves to the use of spot instances, which can help you save even further. Our DevOps experts can help you pick the right instance the first time, ensuring the most effective use of instances from the outset.

Smart Tooling

Our customer’s needs are our top priority and as a result, we recommend the best tool for the job, which is often an open source solution. Popular tools like Kubernetes container orchestration are feature rich while meeting the security, stability and interoperability needs of most enterprises.

Last, Flux7 helps its customers tag cloud services so that finance can easily see, properly account for and report on consumed web services.