Legacy Modernization Services for Semiconductor Industry

Achieve the Full Potential of Cloud Infrastructure Investment
While the elasticity of cloud infrastructure can solve a number of pain points for semiconductor organizations, including difficult capacity planning there are a number of challenges that can be tricky to overcome.

Navigating cloud-based licensing, HPC computing architectures that meet fiscal and performance requirements, and simply knowing where to start for the most ROI are common challenges

Semiconductor businesses can improve cloud and DevOps initiative success rates with Flux7s legacy modernization services. In addition to both of Flux7’s founder’s origins in the semiconductor market, we’ve helped semiconductor companies tackle the industry’s unique challenges by applying proven experience in cloud automation, HPC and data and application migration.

Solve Common Semiconductor Business Challenges With Cloud and DevOps

Build the Business Case

Which workloads can be migrated for the most ROI? Understand Data Center performance, utilization, and latency and determine the time that could be saved in queues in order to identify cost optimization opportunities. Find out what licensing models are possible and their potential impact on budgets with our cloud readiness assessment services.

Design and Implement a Test Project

How can you pick a pilot project that will deliver business value? Once you do, what options exist for hybrid design workflows and robust storage needs? Semiconductor businesses have special requirements for project-based management, permissions and account management. Our DevOps consulting and cloud migration teams collaborate with you to plan, architect and implement for success.

Solve Data Migration

Discover new strategies to migrate data efficiently and establish scalable, highly available and automated systems. Our consultants work with your team to migrate the minimum possible amount of data makes for increased project efficiency and effectiveness. Extend familiar tools like on AWS or move to gain the benefits of cloud-native technology.

Common Toolset

  • Slurm
  • Torque
  • LSF, LSF AWS cluster
  • Spot Instances
  • AWS Snowball
  • AWS Parallel cluster
  • AWS Batch

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