Get up and running with Flux7 and establish a solid DevOps Foundation

Move Ideas From Inception to Business Value

Companies and IT teams that suffer from inconsistent processes, reduced performance or slow progress toward goals expose the business to elevated risk. What may seem like technological progress in cloud migrations or managed service models may simply be a lift and shift strategy that fails to address key shortcomings, migrating inefficiencies and failing to connect to real outcomes.

Build the Next-Generation Technology Platform
Gain a technology architecture that evolves with your strategy. Make it easier to onboard new technologies and tools as processes and needs change.

Flux7 meets the needs of today’s enterprise technology teams with a unique combination of services that help customers achieve agility on their own terms.

Gain the strategy, skilled resources, and tools to meet your technical goals.

DevOps Consulting & Implementation Services

Find out how we ensure your efforts are underpinned with DevOps solutions that meet the needs and compliance requirements for your organization.

AWS Migration Services

Retain control of your systems, and create a migration plan that meets your need to test, learn and evolve modernization as your team’s skills and business confidence grows. Learn how we ensure migration meets expectations.

Renovate: Application Migration to Cloud

Progress your application modernization strategy with solutions to optimize application migration to cloud environments for commercial, off the shelf applications as well as in-house apps. Get more details about how our migration methodology maximizes the benefits of a modern runtime platform without extensive re-coding.

Security with Agility

Discover how establishing a solid foundation with automation and configuration management can proactively improve security, reduce risk and more easily meet compliance.

IoT Consulting

Reduce the burden of security, privacy and scalability it IoT projects with extreme automation. Find out how we help you gain secure, elastic and agile infrastructure to deliver innovation.

Our Process

We work by an Agile consulting model that helps customers make rapid progress in sprints, realizing results in weeks or months. Read how our model puts your team in the driver’s seat with full transparency and ongoing knowledge transfer.