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Intelligent Infrastructure for Enterprise Agility

Move Ideas from Inception to Business Value

Companies and IT teams that suffer from inconsistent processes, reduced performance or slow progress toward goals expose the business to elevated risk. What may seem like technological progress in cloud migrations or managed service models may be a strategy that fails to address key shortcomings, migrating inefficiencies and failing to connect to real outcomes.

Build the Next-Generation Technology Platform

Gain a technology architecture that evolves with your strategy. Make it easier to onboard new technologies and tools as processes and needs change.

Flux7 meets the needs of today’s enterprise technology teams with a unique combination of services that help customers achieve agility on their own terms.

Gain the strategy, skilled resources, and tools to meet your technical goals.

A Unique Combination of Services for Enterprise Agility

Customer Empowerment is ingrained in everything we do.  From strategy and design, the final hand-off, helping customers to learn new skills, technologies and approaches are at the forefront of our efforts.

Strategy and Design provided by our expert consultants are based on a proven methodology to rapidly gain alignment, focus on outcomes and create an achievable plan.

Professional Services Implementation helps customers to accelerate projects with skilled resources for fast progress and reduced risk.

Our Services

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

A DevOps tenet, continuous integration, and continuous delivery, or CI/CD, is a code delivery method that helps enterprises achieve greater release consistency and reliability. As developers increase the frequency and quality of their releases, they create a virtuous cycle of greater innovation and faster time to market of new products and services.

Container Infrastructure

Containers like DockerKubernetesRed Hat OpenShift and public cloud containers help organizations to meet the needs of both IT operations and development teams. Containers enable service delivery processes to be consolidated, reducing the coordination dramatically which translates into IT and developer productivity gains.  We help organizations develop a container strategy, implement the tools and frameworks necessary to achieve it, and teach your team how to use containers to improve agility.

Custom Toolchain Deployment

Flux7’s prepackaged Build™ Solutions come with all of the essential features enterprises need to build a customized DevOps toolchain – with strategic best practices built in that take the guesswork out and provide a fast-track to devops/modernization – while keeping the big picture in mind and making decisions that preserve future flexibility without bottlenecking progress with the unknown.

Microservices Consulting

As DevOps ideas gain hold, savvy application development teams are looking for the next area of optimization to speed software releases and improve their quality, while reducing maintenance. For many, it’s microservices.  Microservices makes some applications easier to build and maintain – which makes it easier to deliver technology quickly in competitive landscapes.

High-Performance Computing Services

Flux7 helps businesses take advantage of the cost efficiency, productivity and compute power of the cloud to quickly and reliably run complex High Performance Computing workloads. Whether in Life Sciences, ManufacturingSemiconductor or another industry, cloud HPC speeds time to market and, in turn, lets you hit your targets without stress and unneeded long-term capital investment.

Renovate: Application Migration to the Cloud

Progress your application modernization strategy with solutions to optimize application migration to cloud environments for commercial, off the shelf applications as well as in-house apps. Get more details about how our migration methodology maximizes the benefits of a modern runtime platform without extensive re-coding.

Serverless Computing

Building on technologies like VMs and containers, serverless computing abstracts yet another layer of updates, management and machine resource allocation away from the IT department, saving valuable time for strategic initiatives rather than operational tasks. Flux7 leads your team through the ins-and-outs of building a solid serverless architecture that will stand the test of time is essential to effectively implementing serverless in a way that maximizes its benefits.

Automate Compliance

Good compliance is the output of solid security and IT governance; ensuring the goals of both — from management to security automation, and from cost to performance — is central to the Flux7 approach. When it comes to IT governance, risk and compliance, we start with the Flux7 Enterprise DevOps Framework (EDF), which incorporates security, governance and best practice principles for continuous compliance, security, performance, and resiliency.

Web Application Firewall

Enterprises depend upon Flux7 for its deep AWS WAF expertise as part of its best practices for security, operations, and developer productivity. As a foundational cloud security technology, AWS WAF is part of Flux7 best practice architectures that are designed and built to achieve Development and Operational productivity, security, compliance and global availability.

Cloud Implementation Services

We help enterprises with a spectrum of cloud implementation services, including cloud roadmap strategies, building cloud-based digital business platforms, developing greenfield cloud applications, migrating legacy applications to the cloud, and much more. In the process we grow innovation, scale to meet customer demand, increase business agility and set the stage for continued business expansion.

Streamline Cloud Migration

Flux7 specializes in architectural design, that accommodates hybrid private and public cloud strategies and meets the governance, compliance and security needs of highly regulated industries.  We help you start one workload at a time, providing a framework on which to build that ensure best practices are automated, creating efficient systems that speed time to market.

Secure the Cloud

Getting started on AWS can be complex. Hundreds of decisions must be made to create a unified, secure, scalable and extendable Landing Zone in AWS. Missteps in set up can lead to serious security risks, unscalable systems, and inefficiencies that slow processes and progress.  Our Landing Zones on AWS emphasizes training, documentation, and resources to help teams new to AWS get the skills they need for long-term business agility.

Our Process

We work by an Agile consulting model that helps customers make rapid progress in sprints, realizing results in weeks or months. Read how our model puts your team in the driver’s seat with full transparency and ongoing knowledge transfer.

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