Automate Compliance

Meet Corporate and Legal Compliance Requirements

Continuous compliance reduces risk, audit-related overhead and ensures that systems are in a known, good state. Unfortunately, many organizations still approach compliance with highly manual processes, extending the time between the discovery of compliance gaps and their remediation unnecessarily.  


Good compliance is the output of solid security and IT governance; ensuring the goals of both — from management to security automation, and from cost to performance — is central to the Flux7 approach. When it comes to IT governance, risk, and compliance, we start with the Flux7 Enterprise DevOps Framework (EDF), which incorporates security, governance and best practice principles for continuous compliance, security, performance, and resiliency.

Specifically, we seek to address governance and compliance of cloud environments through: 

Strategic Assessment

We work closely with your team in our strategic ROI assessment to learn more about the specific regulations (e.g. PCI, HIPAA, GLBA) to which your organization may be subject and which  frameworks you may be using, (e.g. COBIT) to architect and build a solution that meets your unique compliance and governance needs.

Security & Monitoring

Automated security and monitoring are central components to continuous compliance as they constantly monitor and log code as it flows through the infrastructure — from source code management to the landing zone. Flux7 also typically deploys best practice controls like security hardening pipeline technologies, security isolated audit accounts and networking security as code for VPC, Security Groups, NACLs, VPN pipelines and more.

Secret Management

Secret management and governance around the use of secrets are critical as secrets like passwords and keys, are often what stands between data privacy and a breach of important customer data. Removing the opportunity for secret mismanagement, we automate secrets with best practice processes and solutions like HashiCorp Vault and AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store.

Compliance and governance best practices are built-in and often include specific custom integrations with third-party tools, as needed, for your unique requirements. For example:

PCI Compliance

For a large hotelier who has Tier One PCI compliance needs, the IT Consulting Services Team at Flux7 implemented a CIS Level 2 Alerting Framework using AWS Config. A Level 2 CIS hardened image is preconfigured to meet CIS Benchmarks in this environment, where security is paramount, acting as a defense in depth measure. We automated the implementation of open source and AWS WAF managed rules set to protect the company’s external-facing services, ensuring availability and a superior customer experience.

HIPAA Compliance

Flux7 worked with a healthcare organization to architect and build an enterprise-grade solution that automated and streamlined the process of secrets management while ensuring its data met HIPAA compliance regulations to protect patient healthcare records. With AWS ECS, HashiCorp Vault, and Consul, Flux7 helped the healthcare organization maintain tight governance over its credentials in a way that allows it to meet strict HIPAA compliance, but still, easily retrieve important forensics about credentials, enforce policies in an automated way, and ultimately reduce day-to-day management for both the security and development teams. 

EU Data Privacy

A Fortune 500 manufacturer was using Hadoop, internal data centers, Rackspace and CenturyLink to facilitate services that connected its customers with data insights using an Internet of Things model. To help achieve this goal, the manufacturer needed a global solution that would comply with EU data privacy laws. As this manufacturer’s competitive advantage revolves around its ability to seamlessly connect customers with data insights, Flux7 helped it create a premiere AWS solution that allows its customers to connect and share expertise based on data sent from its machinery to the cloud. Flux7 and the customer created an agile DevOps workflow that maintains tight AWS security controls that meet EU data privacy laws. 

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