DevOps Consulting: Strategy, Design, and Implementation

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Establish and Scale DevOps Efforts

While the benefits of DevOps are widely documented, it can be difficult to start or scale initiatives. Because there is no standard DevOps methodology, and no two companies are alike, the risk of failing to meet expectations is high. In addition to inexperience with DevOps strategy, a lack of resources skilled in new technologies contributes to businesses being slow to start, slow to deliver or difficult to scale.


Increase enterprise agility with automation and processes that help you scale, respond and outperform the competition.


Start DevOps Projects Right With Flux7 DevOps Services

Increase the success of DevOps adoption by partnering with a guide that has undertaken hundreds of DevOps projects.


1.  Gain alignment across the organization and identify clear outcomes

2.  Select first mover applications to test the process, learn and achieve  a successful pilot project

3.  Collaboratively design automated, secure, scalable architectures

4.  Build an effective DevOps toolchain with the technologies that help you achieve CI/CD

5.  Establish a secure, scalable and compliant AWS account configuration with a Landing Zone

6.  Gain the tools, knowledge, and automation for application migration

7.  Start a DevOps community of practice

DevOps at Scale Process Roadmap

Achieve DevOps at Scale: Teams that achieve initial success with DevOps may struggle to scale their efforts. Follow a best-practice approach to extend DevOps across your organization.


1.  Identify shared patterns among revenue-generating apps

2.  Deploy an Enterprise DevOps platform to increase automation and gain consistency, governance, and efficiency for mass migration

3.  Develop application patterns that meet security and business requirements

4.  Create processes to improve skills, culture and overall adoption

We’ve Learned There are Two Types of Organizations

Those that know exactly what they want and need the resources to collaborate and build their vision and those for whom how to get started (or restarted) with DevOps and infrastructure automation projects is a bit of a mystery.  Either way, the cost of lack of progress can be steep, stalling efficient software release processes and the benefits of infrastructure as code.

DevOps Resources

The Flux7 DevOps Adoption Framework

Cut through the confusion, avoid the "analysis paralysis" that leads to lost time and money with a proven framework for DevOps. Flux7's Enterprise DevOps Adoption Framework provides a practical, proven approach to DevOps adoption that helps prioritize projects, pace transformation so that skills can be absorbed by IT teams with minimal disruption, and accelerate time to...

Optimized Code Delivery Pipelines: Accelerate Innovation and Code Quality with DevOps

Building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are often cited as pillars of successful DevOps. To establish and optimize the CI/CD development model and reap the benefits, companies need to automate their build, integration and testing processes. This requires architecting CI/CD well, which when combined effectively, operate as a successful cornerstone of...

Five Best Practices to Achieve Enterpise-Wide DevOps

Challenged with increased competitive pressure, many organizations turn to DevOps methodologies to increase agility, speed their time to market, access additional markets, and more. Helping address these pressures, DevOps process improvements both speed development and operations productivity while increasing the quality and security of output. The very definition of DevOps is an evolving one. First...