Build Cloud Foundations

Accelerate Cloud Adoption with a Secure Cloud Foundation

Establish Secure, Scalable Foundations in Cloud

Each enterprise has unique needs: there is no standard framework. We provide a fast and secure cloud foundation to help enterprises avoid common and potentially costly mistakes that can lead to security, scalability and other critical issues. 


Our advisory and implementation teams can help enterprises in a variety of ways:


Reduce Risk

Our AWS cloud foundation provides guardrails to enforce security practices with the flexibility for continuous iteration that digital business demands. We provide a fully deployed solution, that includes a CIS compliance dashboard. With an emphasis on stable, scalable application and workload migration, we include a multiple account security strategy to help you with getting started with AWS security.


Speed Progress to Goals

It can be complex to get started with AWS. Hundreds of decisions must be made to create a unified, secure, scalable and extendable cloud foundation. Missteps in set up can lead to serious security risks, unscalable systems, and inefficiencies that slow cloud adoption. We help enterprises make the right decisions faster, streamlining the architectural design and build processes that will get you on the way to reaching your goals.


An Enterprise-Grade Foundation in AWS, in As Few as Five Days

Build Cloud Foundations is the only AWS landing zone solution that combines AWS managed services with experience gained from 100’s of enterprise cloud projects. Enterprises shorten the time to realize value to days rather than the months needed if they pursued it on their own.  Build Cloud Foundations extends the value of AWS with improved automation, better security, increased manageability and is able to be customized for customer’s specific needs.


Accelerate: Quickly establish foundational architecture to speed deployment of high value applications
Optimize: Streamline effort to manage keeping teams focused on goals and limiting technical debt
Assure: Reduce risk of security breaches, vulnerabilities: Starting with best practices provides a defensible security posture
Automate:  Reduce human errors and ensure consistent and secure account creation and operation


Further accelerate your cloud adoption with training, documentation, and resources to help teams new to AWS get the skills they need for long-term business agility.

“Through 2020, more than 90% of the organizations that plan a cloud IaaS strategy, without first running pilot projects and reviewing lessons learned, will fail to identify benefits, risks and, costs correctly.” *

“Through 2020, more than 90% of organizations that do not use professional services assistance for cloud IaaS migrations will fail to achieve the agility and efficiency that they expected to attain from the migration.” *


WP Getting Started on AWS with Flux7

Consumers increasingly expect digital offerings from companies they do business with. From online and mobile banking to QSR kiosks and even facial recognition and VR apps, both B2B and B2C customers are placing increasing pressure on organizations to digitize and modernize their offerings. Cloud infrastructure has become a clear enabler for businesses to extend new digital offerings to customers, enabling them to rapidly innovate while decreasing their time to market. Yet, knowing where and how to begin can be a challenge, especially for large enterprises who face these pressures across product lines and must be able to answer ongoing questions of security, compliance and risk management in the cloud adoption process.

Download our Getting Started with AWS Guide and learn more about establishing a secure AWS enterprise architecture.

A cloud migration, and the ability to take advantage of cloud benefits such as greater agility, scalability and enhanced security, is often seen as a primary way that organizations can positively affect change and create greater productivity at optimized cost. There are many approaches to strategies for large-scale cloud migration, which can be overwhelming, especially for large enterprises with a myriad of business-critical applications.

Walk through creating a custom approach to your cloud migration plan, in support of strategic business change. Download our Strategies for Large-Scale Cloud Migration paper to learn more.

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