AWS IoT Consulting

Repeatable, Self-Healing IoT Infrastructure

Meet IoT Security and Compliance, with Agile Solutions

Flux7 was founded on IoT projects. Our first project, in 2013, was an IoT architecture on AWS using Docker technology. As smart devices gain momentum for a wide variety of industries, the power of IoT as a business initiative has gained hold. And while the intriguing benefits it promises are truly exciting, the first step is to plan and architect an infrastructure that will deliver on these promises today and well into the future.


Enter AWS powered IoT which enables enterprises to intelligently and powerfully connect IoT devices that interact with other devices and their cloud applications. Scaling to trillions of messages originating from billions of devices, AWS IoT enables communication with applications and devices persistently, even when devices aren’t connected.

"That’s the real game-changer. The front end is where containers really shine with IoT."

Flux7 Infrastructure for IoT Solutions

Security, development, app design and operation processes are critical success factors for IoT projects. Reduce the burden of security and privacy with automation. Gain secure, elastic and agile infrastructure to deliver innovation.

Flux7 achieves this for customers with:

Extreme Scalability

Efficiently use compute power, automate failover and auto-scaling, and smartly shut down unused instances.

Security by Design Principles

Embed security with highly automated security controls and streamlined auditing.

Tight Integration

Leverage cloud enabling tools like Docker and HashiCorp Vault for added automation and security.

Best Practices

IoT and AWS best practices that address the unique infrastructure challenges IoT applications create.

Native Services

Use native AWS services like CloudFormation, ECS, Lambda, EC2, ELB, RDS, DynamoDB, and IoT for robust, secure, agile, and easy to manage infrastructure.

Time to Market

IoT architectures that help deliver market advantage to businesses with an agile, secure, future-proof cloud-based infrastructure.

Succeeding with the IoT-Ready Infrastructure

When it comes to building successful IoT implementations, security, development, app design and operation processes must be considered from the beginning. Ongoing security and privacy concerns must be forever managed. And the right infrastructure must be not only secure but elastic and agile enough to deliver innovation for many years to come.

Tactical mistakes in designing and deploying this architecture can create massive headaches that are costly to fix; indeed, they can be more costly than building the infrastructure properly the first time.

We specialize in AWS architectural design, demonstrated through hundreds of successful implementations and award-winning projects.


Our goal is to enable organizations to get onto, and using, AWS fast and to maintain their agility long-term by managing their own systems.


We provide remote cloud-enablement and IT modernization services to organizations around the world.

Flux7 Infrastructure for IoT solutions is delivered through three distinct phases where our AWS consultants:


Conduct an architecture assessment to understand business requirements, current/planned technical layout, design the desired state architecture, and create a roadmap.

Post-assessment, Flux7 executes on the design plans and create a scalable, secure IoT architecture.

Finally, our goal is to empower customers with the knowledge and technology to be able to manage and extend the solution on their own.