DevOps Security

Avoid Common Security Mistakes In Misconfiguration, Mismanagement, and Missed Opportunity

As organizations modernize their computing systems through DevOps-based cloud approaches, a new way to govern systems is needed. Traditional security methods do not scale to the new elastic platforms that use different design principles such as immutable containers, infrastructure as code, and continuous integration and delivery.


This changes the landscape for security where the perimeter has a new definition and security policies are not applied but automated. There are also new opportunities where environments can be audited continuously in an automated fashion rather than periodic audits.


Known for building HIPAA and PCI compliant environments in the cloud, we focus on what we call “Security with Agility.”


Our premise is to build secure environments without slowing down the engineering teams’ work.

Flux7 AWS Security Checklist White Paper

Build Security and Gain Visibility with our AWS Security Checklist

Complete with recommended best practice cloud security answers from our team of AWS consultants, with this checklist, you will quickly gain a self-assessed understanding of your cloud security strengths and areas for improvement. Or, if you are just getting started in the cloud, use our AWS Security Checklist to gain an important understanding of foundational cloud security best practices to deploy, starting your implementation on the right foot.

Effectively Balance Your Organization Between Security and Agility

Discover how to achieve a balanced perspective focused less on doing cool new things in security and more on how to be more effective and efficient with the security processes and tools that are already in place.

You’ll also get an AWS Security Checklist and metrics to determine if your organization is effectively balanced between security and agility.

WP How to Effectively Balance Your Organization Between Security and Agility Flux7

We help address security in the following ways:

Build on a Secure Foundation

Build Cloud Foundations provides enterprise customers with a fast, secure foundation in the cloud. Start with monitoring, logging, and alerts as well as scalable best-practices.

Inside Web Application Firewalls

Ensure availability of services against malicious attacks with AWS WAF and CloudFront.

Flux7 is an official AWS WAF Service Delivery Partner.

Implement Automated Testing and Continuous Security Monitoring

Leverage cloud-native tools including CloudTrail for auditing.  And meet monitoring and testing needs with AWS Config Rules.  Read the White Paper:  “Improved Compliance with AWS Config Rules”

Protect Secrets Such As API Keys and Passwords

AWS Parameter Store and KMS Store can be added to manage sensitive data. For a more robust solution that addresses dynamic secrets, implement HashiCorp Vault.  HashiCorp Terraform can help accelerate your modernization efforts by streamlining DevOps automation. DevOps automated workflows like continuous integration,


In addition to speeding code throughput as development teams can work on individual services in parallel, containers can also make it easier to pass security and compliance checks.

Meet Corporate and Legal Compliance Requirements

Implement encryption at rest using KMS for EBS, S3, RDS, and more. Use tools to follow the principle of least access on security groups and restricted access to EC2 instances. Use CloudFormation or Terraform to define all resources so resource creation is done in an automated, repeatable, and auditable method.