Our Process: Engage Transition Skills and Infrastructure To The Cloud

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Build Skills and Systems For Long-Term Agility

Transparency and Knowledge Transfer For Better Customer Results

In-house capabilities are increasingly becoming a critical success factor for innovation and digital business transformation. However, few technology leaders can wait years for their team to develop the skills and experience to build flexible, scalable modern systems using new technologies and approaches.


IT teams are in a constant balancing act of “keeping the lights on” while making progress and are exposed to criticism for being too slow to respond to needs or unable to provide necessary skills, competencies, and assurances.


Unlike other organizations, Flux7 focuses on KT throughout the course of our customer engagements, providing a variety of hand-in-hand KT deliverables to teach teams along the way, ensuring their ultimate DevOps success. With a focus on a transition where we seamlessly hand our customer’s team the baton, this model allows enterprises to take ownership and grow comfortable with the technologies and processes deployed in their environment while having an expert there to guide them at every step of the way.

“In my 37 years at [a large public enterprise] this is the first time it feels that three months into a project, we are six months ahead”

Vice President of Information Solutions

“We have moved further in one week than we did in nine months prior“

Sr Systems Engineer, Information Technology and Services

Agile Methodology


Our team employs Agile methodologies to maximize business value. Customers gain support from an Agilist, Solutions Architect/Product Owner, DevOps Engineers, Technical Writer, Account Manager, and Procurement Specialist.


The team delivers business value based on a ranked Product Backlog via a weekly Sprint cadence, allowing our customers to provide fast feedback and continuous learning/improvement so that value is quickly realized. This approach allows the customer to learn by example and ask questions along the way. In addition, this helps to ensure that we are in absolute alignment with changing customer needs.

Collaborative Tools


Communication is the key to success! This is achieved by using collaborative tools like Slack, Trello, and Hello Epics to name a few. For example, the workflow that occurs during Sprints is reflected on the Team’s Trello Board. And on Slack, we provide access to a private channel where the customer can ask queries and collaborate with engineers.

Transparent Process


Daily progress is demonstrated via a Burndown Chart (a graphical representation of work left to do versus time) and the workflow on the Trello Board. Overall engagement progress is shown via a Burn-Up Chart that provides visibility to the overall scope. Weekly Sprint Reviews are conducted where progress is reviewed and feedback is discussed to focus the next Sprint.

Live Knowledge Transfer Sessions


KT sessions are designed to be short. We supplement live KT sessions with slide decks that give more clarity through architecture/flow diagrams, pipelines, etc. You’ll participate in live demos and/or walkthroughs of the environment to understand the steps of how to deploy a service.

Dungeons: Working Hand-in-Hand for Success


Real-time dungeons help customers get hands-on experience in an isolated environment, virtually eliminating interruptions and improving team responsiveness.

Game Days Improve Operational Excellence


Game Days simulate a real-life failure scenario which helps to prepare the team to take the most effective action in case of an emergency.

Documented Best Practices

Customers receive code repositories, runbooks and more that adhere to best practices. Code repositories are delivered in version control tools like GIT, AWS CodeCommit, BitBucket, Visual Studio or any other customer preferred tool. Customers also gain a comprehensive, project-specific runbook that is a compilation of routine procedures and best practices for managing the infrastructure.

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