IT Strategy for the Agile Enterprise

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Identify, Prioritize and Execute the Enterprise IT Roadmap for Critical Return on Investment

Today’s IT leaders have a unique opportunity to lead the business, driving technology decisions that can unearth new revenue streams and generate greater employee productivity and operational efficiency. 


Yet, living in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world means that change is hard to keep up with, and identifying which digital transformation projects make the most sense for the business in the short- and long-term can be difficult — especially as the stakes get higher. 


Flux7 helps IT leaders cut through the noise and create a strategic IT roadmap with those projects that make the most sense for your business. Using a mix of industry and proprietary models, we put the business on the path to successful digital transformation by identifying where the most value will be added, assessing which IT projects will have the biggest possible impact, in which order, and building a platform for innovation at the speed of the market.

With Flux7 strategic ROI assessments and skilled teams, CIOs:

Strategically Define and Prioritize the IT Roadmap

IT Roadmap definition setting helps CIOs identify and analyze enterprise-level opportunities. From strategy setting to blueprinting, building and ultimately monitoring, our IT roadmap assessment model helps IT leaders define goals, establish KPIs, and uses tools like AWS TSO Logic to analyze TCO, helping ensure critical return on investment.

Create a Secure, Agile IT Platform

Design and build a technology platform for innovation that supports agility with IT automation and DevOps best practices in support of the Agile Enterprise. Upskill your team with Flux7 knowledge transfer while growing team productivity for more time to spend on strategic, business-impacting work. Build security in with Flux7 Security by Design.

Execute the IT Roadmap for Digital Transformation

Use IT Roadmap KPIs within each project to define the strategy and ensure projects remain focused on the initially-stated goals and strategy. Determine ultimate project success by comparing KPI baseline measurements and target values.

White Paper: A Guide to Prepare Your IT Platform for the Agile Enterprise

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Identify and analyze enterprise-level opportunities

Identify and analyze enterprise-level opportunities

Flux7 employs a mix of proprietary and industry models to help IT leaders identify and analyze those enterprise-level opportunities that are best for the business. Our flexible model takes into consideration influencing factors and aligns stakeholders to identify those options with the greatest positive impact with the least amount of risk.

Flux7 Lift and Shift Migration

Create a prioritized IT Roadmap with clear KPIs

Whether it is a lift and shift migration to the cloud or a replatforming project, Flux7 helps customers prioritize and quantify key objectives, so that each project has clear goals and success metrics. The prioritized IT Roadmap aligns teams by effectively sequencing the enterprise’s roadmap-level efforts, transforming influencing factors into prioritized features. Moreover, using tools like AWS TSO Logic, we create TCO analysis to help ensure critical return on investment.

Agile Enterprise Team

Execute with an IT Platform for the Agile Enterprise

Support enterprise agility with an IT Platform based on the Flux7 Enterprise DevOps Framework. We start with a best-practices foundation and a high degree of automation to grow security, system efficiency, and IT productivity. Coupled with Flux7 knowledge transfer, our goal is to teach customers how to operate their systems independently for maximum agility while giving CIOs an IT platform that enables DevOps at Scale, facilitates enterprise agility, provides a platform for scalable innovation, and helps technology leaders deliver the greatest possible business value.

RAC 960 (1)

G6 Hospitality

G6 Hospitality, seeking to compete effectively in a quickly changing market, challenged itself to a major transformation led by its technology platforms. Having undertaken a business review that determined the company’s strategic goals, G6 created an IT roadmap which defined core technology tenets and target states that would help G6 Hospitality create new business capabilities such as a cloud-based booking platform that increased its Online Travel Reservation Agency (OTA) reservation synchronization abilities and the targeting of core systems and architecture for migration, starting with its HotelKey PMS (Production), Above Property DRS (Active Migration) and Foundation Services (Design and Build).