Renovate: Application Migration to the Cloud

Defined Solutions, Proven IP for Reduced Risk and Faster Time to Value

Migrating applications and workloads with varying needs include risk. Despite detailed methodologies being available, finding a practical way to start a best-practice cloud migration can be difficult. Enterprises now have access to services and solutions based on successful deployments that help increase success and speed mean time to value.


IT teams under a deadline can move quickly with out of the box best practice deployments with Landing Zones providing first steps into Amazon Web Services and solutions that support rapid application replatforming, or migrating the applications with some components of the workload are replaced with cloud services.


Leverage pre-built templates for fast, predictable results. Or, get a customized assessment that includes defined outcomes, durations, and prices for any application you need to migrate.

Pre-Built Application Migration Templates

Renovate for E-commerce

Magento | SAP Hybris

The Challenge: Commerce platforms are increasingly a leading factor propelling businesses into digital transformation projects.

The Flux7 Renovate Solution: To take advantage of these platform’s full flexibility, modularity, and agility capabilities while minimizing downtime and security risks, cloud infrastructure and automation should be established using proven best practices. Flux7 Renovate Solutions for E-commerce Applications speed time to market, increase stability and global reach with a highly automated solution that frees critical resources for strategic work.

Renovate for Search Services

Solr | ElasticSearch

The Challenge: Enterprise search technology can underperform, with siloed and fragmented deployments that increase the time employees spend searching for needed information.

The Flux7 Renovate Solution: Address the challenge of delivering information in the digital workplace with Flux7 Renovate services to provision cloud-based search solutions that support horizontal and vertical scalability. Infrastructure as Code deployment means reduced downtime and tight integration with AWS data services and automated auditing and security capabilities.

Renovate for Data Analytics


The Challenge: When and where to use the cloud without increasing risk or comprising security and compliance can be confusing, creating a barrier to progress.

The Flux7 Renovate Solution: Rapidly advance data analytics projects and speed time to market with Flux7 Renovate Solutions for Data Analytics. Apply automation to address cost-management, security, and governance policies, ensuring high adherence to corporate standards. Provide stable, scalable services pre-configured via a self-service portal, or as a template to save operations teams deployment time.

Renovate for Website Applications

WordPress | Drupal |  Adobe Experience Manager

The Challenge: Websites built on 10-year old technology struggle to deliver the user experiences needed to compete and deliver on digital transformation strategies.

The Flux7 Renovate Solution: Accelerate website modernization projects and gain the assurance of a secure and stable best practice-based foundation with Flux7 Renovate for Website Applications. Speed time to market, increase stability and global reach with a highly automated solution that frees critical resources for strategic work.

Renovate for CRM


The Challenge: Customer service and engagement solutions need to include emerging technology such as machine learning to remain competitive in increasingly digital business landscapes, and CRMs are at the heard of these efforts.

The Flux7 Renovate Solution: Flux7 Renovate Solution provisions scalable, cloud-based CRM systems with shared database capabilities and high availability resources. Infrastructure as Code deployments means enterprises can take advantage of automated security, advanced secret-keeping strategies, and auditing, monitoring and logging capabilities.

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