Refactor Applications on the Cloud For Improved Fitness

Move applications to the cloud and maximize the benefits of a modern runtime platform without extensive re-coding

Are your packaged or custom business applications reaching the limits of their capabilities? Systems built on 10+ year old technology struggle to deliver the user experiences needed to compete and deliver on digital transformation strategies. Just migrating and running these applications in the new cloud environment — a “lift and shift” strategy – is not enough.


The Flux7 Renovate Solution Helps IT Teams To:

Gain a secure and stable best-practice based foundation

Speed time to market

Increase stability and global reach with automation

Free up critical resources for strategic work

Application replatforming helps to pay down technical debt. We’ll help your team get better management and control capabilities from infrastructure as code and automation while improving their ability to strategically support business requirements for rapid change and innovation. Build your team’s skills while you’re building new systems. with our transparency, coaching and knowledge transfer model. 

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