Simplify and Accelerate IT Infrastructure Transformation

Technology Transformation just got easy

Technology Transformation, Made Simple

An IT transformation strategy begins with a multitude of questions and seemingly innumerable ways to progress. It can be difficult, and even immobilizing to tackle transformation across the business at once. We’ve made it easy to start smart, quickly demonstrate success and move ahead on your personal technology transformation roadmap.

Whether your aim is to adopt a specific new technology, concept, or way of working, asking the right questions and designing practical, unbiased and proven solutions to address each stage of information technology transformation are critical to your success. We aren’t resellers, and we are not providing a managed service; our recommendations are 100% focused on your requirements.

Our process focuses on making rapid progress in sprints, helps you show results in weeks or months.

Typical Engagement: Assess, Attune, Engage

IT transformation consulting

Design with a Strategic Assessment: Right-Sized Technology Designs

  • Explore business requirements
  • Current technical state
  • Architect the desired state
  • Create a sprint plan

Our proprietary assessment methodology was designed by Aater Suleman, PhD and his team of DevOps consulting experts to turn the ‘art’ of assessment and design into a decision science.

A full decision support framework guides all Flux7 assessments, ensuring we not only focus on relevant questions to meet your desired outcome, business needs and technical requirements, we also explain the pros, cons and impacts of each decision along the way.

IT transformation consulting

Build with Attune: Best Practices-Based, Secure and Flexible Infrastructure

Run the 2-week sprints to implement foundation technology and adopt pilots

Our Attune service involves hands-on building and tuning of your business infrastructure. Certified consultants work in two week sprints to implement smart start solutions to support common business challenges, helping you make rapid progress.

Your risk is reduced, and chances of success are higher when you start with the right infrastructure, configured by certified consultants. Our technology foundations are built to meet your specific needs and include high levels of automation to ensure your resources focus on productivity, not repetitive tasks.

IT transformation consulting

Own with Engage: Knowledge Transfer for Greater Agility

Transfer the knowledge to the center of excellence team

Evolve the skills of your IT teams, minimize the need to outsource future projects and management and remain agile with our Engage service. Through knowledge transfer and coaching, Engage provides hands on DevOps training and helps improve success rates for independently managing modern infrastructure post-deployment.

Demonstrate Success and Extend with Summit

After building a successful center of excellence in your enterprise, the next step for enterprise transformation leaders is evangelize your success and to enable change through collaboration. We provide a framework and facilitate discussion across key stakeholder groups including executives, operations, development, lines of businesses and other functional leaders to air concerns, establish options, agree on a strategy and manage culture change.

On Demand Access to Subject Matter Experts and Coaching with Propel

Propel is a subscription solution for enterprises who want to extend their access to Flux7 consultants in order to gain knowledge and expertise as they are building skills and confidence with new technologies.