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As companies increasingly shift their product innovation focus to software and services, developers are under increased pressure to scale innovation. Luckily new technologies continue to emerge to automate processes, abstract back-end management, and accelerate deployments giving developers more time to focus on coding and less time on administrativia. 


Yet, while technology advancements continue to speed the process of experimentation, data analysis, and product development, not every technology is applicable in every use case or for every organization. As the engine of the digital business, development must choose wisely.  Doing so helps accelerate innovation, creating a virtuous cycle of quality outputs that drive those meaningful outcomes — like greater customer satisfaction and new lines of revenue — that the business depends on. 


Flux7 approaches software innovation in a customer-centric, vendor-agnostic fashion, helping you identify the best tools and approaches for your business to grow competitive advantage, increase automation and efficiency–and perhaps even disrupt an entire industry. 

Our dedicated practice areas allow you to take advantage of cloud-native features and their benefits for software innovation:

CI/CD Pipelines

Achieve greater release consistency and reliability with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). Increase the frequency and quality of code releases with Flux7 CI/CD services that help you work through the most challenging aspects of collaboration and DevOps automation to establish successful CI/CD pipelines that save developers from unnecessary manual, error-prone deployment work and create higher quality software.

Container Infrastructure

Consolidate service delivery processes and dramatically reduce coordination, gaining significant team productivity with container technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift. While some workloads operate better than others in containers, Flux7 helps development teams develop a container strategy, implement the tools and frameworks necessary to achieve it, and teach your team how to use containers to improve agility.

DevOps Toolchain

Deploy DevOps Toolchains that enable enterprise-grade CI/CD and integrate to support business objectives.  Assemble a smart tool  strategy with Flux7 guidance that will evolve over time, control complexity and  improve resilience. Flux7 custom DevOps toolchains integrate strategic best-practices while ensuring you have the right DevOps tools for your environment and business needs.


Speed product design and simulation outputs by augmenting and integrating with the cloud. Cloud HPC gives teams much-needed agility by enabling a hybrid approach, bursting into the cloud when on-premises capacity is running at full utilization, thereby proving models faster and shortening time to innovation.


Shed monolithic code changes and optimize the speed of software releases, improve quality, and reduce maintenance with microservices. Flux7 consultants work with your team to help identify those applications that will benefit from microservices architecture, making them easier to build and maintain, and easier to deliver technology quickly in competitive landscapes.

Serverless App Enablement

Benefit from serverless architecture’s cost, efficiency and scalability gains with Flux7 consultants who work with your team to identify best-fit use cases and teach your team how to build a solid serverless architecture that will stand the test of time, maximizing its benefits while providing flexibility for new serverless services and functionality.

Replatform Apps to the Cloud

Flux7 Renovate, application migration services, help speed migration time with pre-built application migration templates that incorporate best-practices and address the unique needs of each ISV workload to assure swift, successful migrations.

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Flux7, an NTT DATA Company, helps enterprises reduce the complexities of new and evolving cloud automation strategies. Agile and DevOps-native, Flux7’s robust IT services portfolio prioritizes a fast path to ROI, is transformation focused and creates secure and stable pathways for operational excellence.

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