Introducing Flux7 Renovate™:
Solutions to Modernize Common ISV and In-House Applications

Flux7 Renovate™ Solutions to Replatform Common Off The Shelf Applications

Replatform crucial business apps to pay down technical debt, upskill, and gain better management and control capabilities.

Many packaged business applications are reaching the limits of their capabilities, and they simply were not built to withstand the pace of change or the requirements of digital business. The business value and agility of these applications are declining, while cost, complexity and technical risk are increasing. Just migrating and running these applications in the new cloud environment — a “lift and shift” strategy – is not enough. Strategic modifications need to be made to support business requirements for rapid change and innovation.

Flux7 Renovate™ Solutions provide an easy way to migrate applications to AWS, maximize the benefits of a modern runtime platform without extensive re-coding.

4 Levels of Capabilities:

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Account A secure, single account. compliance dashboard Multi-account deployment for segregated roles and costs; security audits Account Factory; Automate creation of additional accounts Customized security alarms; account creation workflows
Network Non Production VPC Host services between production and non-production apps; Windows/Linus AMIs Connect AWS VPCs to on-premise networks; CentOS AMI Custom VPC for high security and availability needs; VPC factor; RedHat AMI
EC2 n/a AMIs hardened to security standards, shared across accounts Pipeline to create and publish customer AMIs; AWS inspector Custom security and functionality tests for AMI compliance; Custom AMI release process for business approval

Why Flux7?

Enterprises bring solutions to market faster and provide better customer experiences with Flux7 services and technologies for extreme automation. Gain access to knowledge experts in cloud, containers, CI/D and configuration management to adopt approaches including DevOps and Agile, in order to improve the security and efficiency with which IT services are delivered. Flux7 customers accelerate DevOps adoption/IT modernization projects through our modular service structure and Enterprise DevOps Adoption Framework and platform which provides guidelines and principles to consistently meet business and technical requirements.