AWS Database Services

Design and Implementation of Infrastructure for Cloud-Based Databases

Databases that are easy to manage, secure and scale to meet your goals

Databases are the lifeblood of enterprise information systems. But, not all databases are created equal. In addition to serving different functions, they can demand different levels of management, configuration, and provisioning.


Cloud-based databases and the infrastructure they rely upon must be flexible and scalable enough to grow as business data expands. Moreover, assigned to track and manage proprietary, confidential information, the need for high database security cannot be underscored enough.

AWS Database Services Benefits

Uptime and Scalability

High availability and failover backup and disaster recovery, repeatable, easy to scale


Repeatable easy to scale horizontally, vertically

Database Security

Encryption at rest and in transit

Low Maintenance

Automation, scalability using AWS database services

Fast Time-to-Market

Agile process through DevOps consulting

Dynamo DB

Fast and flexible NoSQL database service for any scale

We help you decide how to apply this low-latency data access solution at scale to achieve the most ROI. Gain long term team agility by earning how to integrate DynamoDB to help your developers gain an advantage over the competition.


As part of our solutions to enforce security and compliance and to enable operational excellence and digital software innovation, our DynamoDB practice helps businesses replatform to the cloud and develop serverless applications while easing overall maintenance through intelligent automation.

DynamoDB Case Study

Multinational Services Firm Powers Client Success with Amazon DynamoDB

Providing services to Fortune organizations means you want your services to be top-notch themselves. This Fortune 500 services company wanted a cloud tool to centralize the data collection of client projects in the cloud, with an aim to gain visibility into global delivery while maintaining uniformity across projects, helping better ensure project success. The company also wanted to expand its cloud portfolio and sought help from an experienced AWS consulting team.

To help the professional services firm meet its goal, our AWS consulting team developed a Delivery Management application. As the application is built completely on the Serverless framework, maintenance and administrative costs are minimized. All client and project-related information are stored in Amazon DynamoDB; the NoSQL database is a popular choice for serverless applications as it features auto-scaling that matches your application load, offers pay-as-you-go pricing, automated backups, is a completely managed service, and most importantly, is a serverless offering itself. 

Our AWS Database Service Delivery Process

We work with clients in distinct phases to ensure they are meeting their goals and create pipelines for schema delivery.


Assessment: Selection and Design of the Database

Some clients need help in their initial database selection to ensure they can meet their business objectives. Others have made their selections and require assistance with design choice (master/master, master/slave, high availability).



We build a DevOps-friendly, repeatable process for database provisioning, configuration, and management to design specification.