Red Hat OpenShift

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Successfully building and deploying cloud-native, container-based applications in production requires substantial experience in architecting distributed systems. And, as you create, modify and deploy more and more containers, the complexity of managing them in a production environment increases substantially.


Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on AWS simplifies the creation, deployment, and orchestration of Kubernetes containers while fostering self-service CI/CD.


Developers: Speed Code Delivery


Red Hat OpenShift provides a near-complete abstraction over the infrastructure and container management, which is particularly helpful for fast-moving enterprises starting to move to microservices development.


Making iterative changes and testing results quickly to support a continuous improvement strategy is easier with OpenShift’s application-centric technology. Accelerate application development and delivery with Flux7 services to deploy Red Hat Openshift on AWS.


Operations: Create Self-Service Environments


Ignite DevOps and grow infrastructure consistency by empowering application teams with self-service environments. Unify operations with secure, efficient container orchestration at scale and integration with tools like Jenkins.


Accelerate application development, speed time to delivery and further your DevOps-driven efficiencies with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on AWS.


Why We Use OpenShift


Automates provisioning and scaling of applications

Streamlines development processes with a broad-based language support

Provides a platform for cloud-based application development