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Flux7 is a HashiCorp Terraform Partner

Flux7 enables DevOps teams to deliver IT services faster with DevOps best practices and a customized DevOps toolchain designed to address your specific business goals. We couple our toolbelt with deep technical expertise that accelerates low-risk results for you.

HashiCorp Terraform can help accelerate your modernization efforts by streamlining DevOps automation. DevOps automated workflows like continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous release depend on the availability of IT infrastructure to run and test code. Terraform supports this level of automation by defining infrastructure as code which in turn speeds execution, reduces resource usage and removes human error.


We recommend Terraform for enterprise architectures where it’s important to:

Automate and replicate infrastructure deployment

Keep infrastructure in a known, desired state

Make infrastructure auditable with Git

Prevent tribal knowledge

Prevent cloud provider lock-in as Terraform uses the cloud provider APIs under its hood.

Services can include installation and configuration of Terraform including: 

Creating an execution plan describing the desired state and how to reach it; 

Implementation of Terraform modules and a catalog of approved Terraform modules that can be easily consumed by other teams within the enterprise; 

Knowledge transfer that teaches your team how to operate and expand its use of Terraform within the environment, including Terraform reusable scripts, Terraform unified syntax and how to capture required resources and dependencies.

Flux7 Customer Success Story

A hardware company was looking to create an easy-to-use process for its business units to create new websites. The Flux7 DevOps team built a self-service console where business customers can request a website, preconfigured with standard infrastructure designed by IT. 


Business groups have the ability to customize their website, but not the infrastructure behind it. VPCs, security tools like AWS WAF, AWS Config Rules, CloudTrail, Kubernetes Secrets and HashiCorp Vault were paired with HashiCorp Terraform and based on the Flux7 AWS Landing Zone to create a standard website infrastructure solution. The new policy makes engagement with IT easy, thus avoiding shadow IT, while helping ensure website security and compliance.



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