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Meet Business Goals and Ease Adoption of New Technologies

“Empower your team with skills, automation and knowledge to manage your own infrastructure”

Solving business challenges with a new approach is more than a matter of allocating budget and agreeing that change is good. That’s why we empower the people, technology and process changes necessary to successfully adopt DevOps and technology modernization efforts.

We empower your team with new technical skills, automation, and knowledge to manage and grow your infrastructure. We enable not only new foundational infrastructures, but the culture change necessary to maintain effective DevOps moving forward.

Flux7 has demonstrated success partnering with customers to make actionable progress to onboard cloud, containers, configuration management and continuous integration and delivery to solve business challenges. We work with customers to plan and prioritize modernization projects, establish successful POCs and evangelize their projects internally.

Solve Business Challenges

Speed software development and improve code release with DevOps practices

Gain self-provisioning, containerized development environments and continuous integration and delivery. Support a microservices strategy while more easily meeting compliance and security requirements.

Power scalable, easily globalized websites

Efficiently manage variable demands of websites supporting marketing, applications and services with an eye to costs and failover

Ease IT Operations

Quickly provision infrastructure in a predefined manner maintaining IT control of security and governance policies, while enabling template updates

Backup and recovery

Meet uptime goals and business continuity through automated disaster recovery.

Create Scalable infrastructure for Internet of Things Projects

Enable new business models with infrastructure that is scalable, cost-effective and secure.

Harden security with automation, secret management, continuous auditing security best practices.

Achieve security with agility, proactively addressing risk and compliance objectives in an elegant balance with system agility.


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