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Flux7’s Cloud Solutions for E-Commerce helps retailers establish an agile IT platform that harnesses the power of automation to grow IT productivity. These resource efficiencies pay dividends to retailers as they expand their ability to create differentiated customer experiences that grow loyalty and customer lifetime value. 


Retailers who are able to create personalized shopping experiences that anticipate customer expectations are rewarded with loyalty. However, in today’s retail environment, customer expectations change quickly. As a result, it’s imperative to have an agile enterprise architecture that allows retailers to experiment, quickly test new ideas and deliver new experiences at the speed of the market.

How Retailers Benefit with Flux7's Cloud Solutions for E-Commerce, strategy, and skilled teams:

Increase IT Productivity and Efficiency

Address resource pressures with systems that reduce operational overhead and grow IT productivity. Gain resources for revenue-generating initiatives by automating time-consuming manual tasks.

Create Differentiated Customer Experiences

Accelerate marketing efforts by quickly launching microsites and campaigns. Meet customer expectations for always-on availability and reliability with a scalable architecture. Collect and analyze customer insights for iterative improvement.

Support Customer Loyalty

Personalize customer loyalty experiences with integrated loyalty applications. Grow customer trust with PCI compliance and enhanced security supported by best practices such as Security by Design principles. Gain a complete, 360 view of the customer.

Rent-A-Center partners with Flux7 to Achieve High-Availability

Achieve high availability and scalable performance

Rent-A-Center’s IT and development teams collaborated with Flux7 to build and launch a highly available eCommerce platform that automatically scales to meet fluctuating demand. The site flawlessly served over 9M people over the Black Friday weekend, a 42% increase in traffic.

Ensure security and PCI compliance

Enterprises benefit from our Security by Design framework. By building security in from the outset, we are able to code in security controls and ensure best practices for handling personally identifiable information and PCI requirements are used. Flux7 helps customers implement and use tools like AWS WAF, IAM, AWS KMS, HashiCorp Vault and more to architect secure, compliant systems from the ground up.

Ensure security and PCI compliance with Flux7 Cloud Solutions
Accelerate Infrastructure Modernization with Flux7

Accelerate infrastructure modernization

A global retailer was able to create standardization and accelerate its digital transformation by working with the Flux7 team. With a centralized developer dashboard, all developers deploy applications with consistency regardless of the cloud platform. The result is less risk, greater security, compliance as code, increased developer throughput, and better code quality. Now, this Fortune retailer’s IT teams focus on experimentation, strategic work and creating business value, rather than manual tasks.

Quickly launch microsites and campaigns

Flux7 empowers retail marketing efforts by designing and building an agile infrastructure that easily supports the launch of new campaigns and microsites. This same infrastructure gives IT the ability to experiment and fail fast, trying new things — whether it be an AI recommendation engine, a virtual assistant, enabling technologies that make your brand more search-friendly, or an IoT application — that keep customers engaged. An agile infrastructure platform that allows your team to quickly try new approaches is invaluable in creating a differentiated experience and growing customer lifetime value. 

Accelerate Digital Transformation and Cloud Enablement with Flux7
Flux7 Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Gain a 360-degree customer view and actionable intelligence

Flux7 creates analytics infrastructure, IoT infrastructure, and cloud infrastructure for Big Data projects, helping retailers collect and connect data from different data channels, giving a 360-degree view of the customer. At Flux7, we focus on creating a secure infrastructure for data stores that enable retailers to quickly and cost-effectively analyze information and make important data connections that accelerate customer and market insights, helping move new customer experiences to market faster.

Flux7 Guides Specialty Retailer through Docker-based Microservices Adoption

As the retail landscape is changing rapidly, this organization was looking to enable its in-house development team to stay nimble and one step ahead of the competition. Tasked with servicing the organization’s eCommerce site and in-store systems, the company decided to create an IT modernization plan that was broken into discrete projects. The first such project was to grow developer and IT automation, increasing their productivity and the ability to quickly iterate on innovation.  Read the case study to see how Flux7 moved them to a container-based cloud environment that would help facilitate the desired level of automation, provide an immutable environment and encourage greater development innovation.

Flux7 Guides Specialty Retailer through Docker-Based Microservices Adoption

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