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Usher in Industry 4.0 Innovation with Digital Transformation


Flux7 empowers manufacturers to harness the power of automation for business innovation. Digital transformation will drive the future of the industry as closed-loop data analytics from across the business creates a virtuous cycle of enhanced productivity and efficiency that fuels business success. 


Yet, today manufacturing is at a critical crossroads. Technology, workforce, and economic landscape shifts have meant that manufacturers need to embrace technology for strategic innovation that will allow them to effectively navigate changes ahead. As Industry 4.0 moves forward, manufacturers are faced with the question of when and how to embrace digital transformation to remain competitive.

With Flux7 strategy and skilled teams, manufacturers:

Enhance Line Productivity and Reduce Product Loss

Boost overall equipment effectiveness and product quality by pairing IoT with cloud and analytics infrastructure for ML projects that facilitate predictive maintenance and ensure quality conditions, like temperature, are met.

Address the Digital Skills Gap with Knowledge Transfer

Upskill your team with Flux7 knowledge transfer. Complement training with automation that expands HR capacity. DevOps automation reduces handoffs and speeds time to market, keeping employees working on strategic, business-impacting work.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Automate security policies for continuous compliance and Security with Agility that simultaneously achieves security and compliance without slowing down the engineering team’s progress.

Drive Innovation

Digitize across the business -- from the production floor to sales and marketing -- adopting new technologies that enhance operational efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

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Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey

Set the foundation for Industry 4.0 digital transformation

Enable new business models with infrastructure that is scalable, cost-effective and secure. With Flux7 guidance and resources, a Fortune 500 manufacturer was able to rapidly setup AWS IoT infrastructure; achieve legacy application modernization with an AWS migration and; support in-field IoT applications by migrating its database to an AWS Data Lake. With greater scalability, the manufacturer can now meet demand from IoT applications collecting and processing data from the field. Processes that previously took days were reduced to 15 minutes, freeing developer time for strategic work, while creating a new revenue stream for the manufacturer.

Ensure security and regulatory compliance

Manufacturers benefit from our Security by Design framework. By building security in from the outset, we are able to code in security controls and ensure best practices are used for Data Privacy Laws and other regulatory requirements. Flux7 helps customers implement and use tools like AWS WAF, IAM, AWS KMS, HashiCorp Vault and more to architect secure, compliant systems from the ground up.

Innovate for the future

A large US manufacturer worked with Flux7 to adopt elastic high-performance computing (HPC) that facilitates the company’s scientific simulations for various aspects of designing new machinery. These HPC simulations were hosted in the company’s traditional data center, yet required scalability to meet dynamic demand which required planning and a great deal of capital expense. Moving its HPC simulations to the cloud meant that it could innovate for the future faster, with scalable, dynamic demand while greatly reducing internal resource overhead and costs.

Connect data points from across the business

Flux7 creates analytics, IoT, and cloud infrastructure for Big Data projects, helping manufacturers collect and connect data from different data channels, giving unique data insights from the production floor to the customer experience. At Flux7, we focus on creating secure infrastructure for data stores that enable manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively analyze information and make important data connections that accelerate customer and market insights, helping move more product to market, faster.

Ensure system availability and reliability

Flux7 helps manufacturers meet uptime goals with fully automated backup and recovery. Keep costs down and resiliency up with self-healing infrastructure and automated disaster recovery systems that meet uptime goals.

Grow operational efficiency and free up resources

The Infrastructure Engineering team at Toyota Research Institute supports researchers and engineers by making it easier for them to utilize the power of the cloud in a secure, automated and reliable fashion while not slowing them down. Working with the Flux7 DevOps consulting team, they implemented DevOps methods, processes and automation that they are applying to reduce tactical, manual IT operations activities and to make it faster and easier for researchers to test their ideas, bringing new products to market faster.

Streamline operations, grow efficiency and productivity with Flux7 strategy and skills that will prepare your IT platform for digital transformation and the agile enterprise.