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While I believe you have enjoyed the Docker tutorial series, it’s now time to explore yet another interesting DevOps tool. That tool is Chef. Chef is an IT infrastructure automation tool. It automates application configuration deployment and management. (Pretty obvious textbook definition, isn’t it?) To better ... Read More
July 10, 2014Flux7 Labs


DevOps, in the simplest of terms, is the efficient collaboration of any teams, not just dev and ops teams, to create productive, cost efficient results. Irrespective of business type, whether startups, small businesses or large ... Read More
June 30, 2014Vishnupriya


A lot of the conversation on DevOps is focused on what are the right tools to accomplish our goals. The popularity of a tool is more than an indication of interest. Many of the popular DevOps tools are open source and the long-term viability of a project is ... Read More
June 20, 2014Flux7 Labs


This past weekend, we solved two problems for two customers. They both had working Config Management solutions. One used Puppet; the other used Chef. One was Red Hat-based; the other was Debian-based. But, both of them had ... Read More
May 12, 2014Ali Hussain


Recently, I was helping a client setup log management. While talking to the internal team, I found myself frequently arguing that you have to make the setup easy, otherwise it will not get done. As I found myself repeating this statement, I realized I was cutting right ... Read More
April 28, 2014Ali Hussain


Recently, I read this article in TIME Magazine about the launch and resurrection of In reading the entire article, the only thing I could think of was how the key problem here is summed up in one word: DevOps. Before I ... Read More
April 13, 2014Ali Hussain


Let’s set the stage. My developer, Anton, has a Jira ticket assigned to him for adding a feature to our product VyScale. How does he go about doing it? The process of the Jira feature request to production is what we call developer flow. This is a ... Read More
April 7, 2014Aater Suleman


Last week we explored how business goals should inform every good DevOps strategy. This week we’ll discuss how to use those goals to validate your DevOps architecture. From our experience at Flux7, the best way to ... Read More
March 3, 2014Ali Hussain


An organization moving to the cloud truly understand cloud’s benefits only when setting up good DevOps methodologies and cloud automation to meets its needs. The process is replete with tool choices at every stage and the overall goal is to understand and meet the organization’s needs.... Read More
February 24, 2014Ali Hussain


Our clients are always deeply interested in creating productive dev environments. The power of a dev environment comes from many places. First is time saved by reducing the number of manual steps and by preventing context switches for a developer. Improving flow enables a developer to catch ... Read More
February 20, 2014Flux7 Labs