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CAP Theorem Five years ago, Amazon found that every 100ms of latency cost them 1% of sales. Google discovered that a half-second increase in search latency dropped traffic by 20%. The need for scaling up/down/out is growing and so are the challenges of ... Read More
February 6, 2014Flux7 Labs


At Flux7 Labs we solve a variety of problems for our customers and often that includes guiding clients to the right tools for their needs. In our previous post on NoSQL, we discussed how NoSQL solutions offer a better ... Read More
January 17, 2014Flux7 Labs


Big companies, including Amazon, Google, Facebook and Yahoo, first adopted NoSQL for in-house solutions due to the lack of RDBMS feature support for their ever-changing needs. By providing weak consistency and optimizing for certain use cases, they’re able to utilize large distributed systems to handle their required ... Read More
January 7, 2014Flux7 Labs


Cassandra is a one stop choice for data driven organizations dealing with real-time Big Data operations for their core functionalities. Now what makes it so dear to the developers and organizations dealing huge databases is a bunch of features that it houses to tackle the stored data. Key features ... Read More
November 23, 2013Flux7 Labs