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Amazon recently introduced new types of storage-optimized instances. This new generation of instances is available within the I2 and HI1 families. All provide high storage and better IO performance compared to other instance families in AWS. Flux7 Labs decided to benchmark these new instances to better understand ... Read More
February 4, 2014Flux7 Labs


The Amazon I2 Instance Type Amazon has announced immediate availability of the I2 instance type, the next generation of Amazon EC2 High I/O instance and the best solution for transactional systems and high performance NoSQL databases such as Cassandra and MongoDB. I2 instances feature the ... Read More
February 1, 2014Flux7 Labs


One of our primary goals at Flux7 Labs is to help our clients reduce their AWS costs. In fact, our product VyScale is based entirely on cost optimization using Spot instances. We inform our clients when it makes economic sense for them to buy instance reservations because ... Read More
January 30, 2014Flux7 Labs


Press Release January 24, 2014—Austin, TX—Flux7, a solutions company offering cloud optimization products, cloud consulting and implementation, specializing in DevOps and AWS development services, for small businesses through Fortune 500 corporations, today announces that its VyScale spot strategy solution—the only one of its ... Read More
January 24, 2014Flux7 Labs


As we at Flux7 Labs work on deployments for our AWS customers, many ask questions about basic security issues, including those addressed by using Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). So in this post we provide a guide for setting up and using VPCs in order to help guide ... Read More
January 21, 2014Flux7 Labs


As mentioned in part 1 of this series (Creating a LAMP Stack AMI), a common concern among most customers is to choose the right instance type. It is important to do the ... Read More
January 16, 2014Flux7 Labs


In part 3 of the Autoscaling for LAMP on AWS series, After setting up your application autoscaling, it’s important to load run the application in order to understand the minimum and maximum number of instances required for each application.... Read More
January 15, 2014Flux7 Labs


In part 2 of the Autoscaling LAMP in AWS series, let's discuss how to create autoscaling launch configuration, autoscaling groups and how to verify the setup autoscaling. Autoscale Implementation Autoscale configuration is now available in console. AWS command lines are no longer needed ... Read More
January 14, 2014Flux7 Labs


This is part 1 of the Autoscaling for LAMP in AWS series. The step-by-step guide would walk you through Part 1: Creating a LAMP Stack AMI... Read More
January 13, 2014Flux7 Labs



Route 53 – A walk through

by Flux7 Labs /
Amazon Route 53 is a highly scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service that converts word-based website addresses like www.example.com into IP addresses like Amazon Web Services (AWS) operates worldwide DNS servers at 50+ edge locations. AWS domain queries are automatically routed to ... Read More
January 9, 2014Flux7 Labs