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The Great Debate: Should you use Docker or not? (Feb 12, 2014): Given the growing trends of Docker, we at Flux7 embraced Docker for various client needs and also for our internal purposes. This ... Read More
April 13, 2014Flux7 Labs


While advising a client with a strong interest in ARM servers, we decided to evaluate the computational overhead of various big data technologies, which led to some interesting discoveries. Since we in the field are all trying to figure out how big data technology will evolve, Flux7 ... Read More
February 3, 2014Ali Hussain


In our previous post here, we detailed why Ganglia is a good tool for monitoring clusters. However, when monitoring a Hadoop cluster you often need more information about CPU, disk, memory, and nodal network statistics than the generic Ganglia config can ... Read More
January 29, 2014Flux7 Labs