Flux7 Helps Hospitality Provider Deliver Holiday Program in the Nick of Time

Speed and scalability for a critical hospitality campaign


A leading online marketplace for vacation rentals, our client seeks to help families and friends find the perfect vacation rental to create unforgettable travel experiences together. With many families wanting to get away for the holidays, it was the ideal time for this hospitality company to launch a marketing campaign to help its customers find the perfect Christmas-time get away.

The marketing team let ingenuity reign the day with a very creative, but time sensitive campaign that required the building of a website that would be accessed and used globally. The only problem: the marketing team needed to launch the campaign globally with a very tight timeline. This would require the ability to launch quickly in different markets and different languages around the world while scaling to meet different traffic demands.

Flux7 gave the client critical support in orchestrating the campaign on a very tight deadline. The client found Flux7 as a result of a positive recommendation with especially high marks for its on- the-ground support, and expertise in quickly building, launching and scaling the systems needed for the campaign.


The engagement ended with the client lauding Flux7 for its flexibility and availability as Flux7 created within the tight timeline a fast (loading at sub one second) scalable, and global solution for the marketing campaign. Moreover, it was highly available so that if a single DR went down, the website would have stayed up, not missing a single visitor. In the end, however, the Flux7 created autoscaling architecture was flawless; there was not a single failure over the entire duration of the campaign.

In addition to being highly available, the design was cost effective, autoscaling to meet demand across eight different websites for the US, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the UK that saw traffic peak at different times.

The most important measure was our client’s success with their customers: Families knew they could engage with this holiday campaign and ensure a great get-away for the holidays.

Business Needs

  • Ability to produce a great customer experience despite unpredictible demand and multi-regional delivery
  • Rapid deployment of solution


  • Autoscaling web site for high, and variable demand


  • Secure data transmission via SSL HTTPS.
  • Shared resources
  • Scale environment to match demand

Technical Details

  • AWS Services: Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon RDS, EC2