Flux7 Improves Developer Productivity for a website with over 1.5M uniques/month using Docker


Our Chicago-based client, auto.com, is a national and international automotive listing website. The online auto dealer worked with Flux7 to create an effective way to automate and reduce operational costs. Flux7 also prepared its client for potential service interruptions of its complex website by performing needed audits of its client’s setup and best practices. To accomplish this complete effort, Flux7 built on top of the AWS platform stacks using Ruby on Rails, Apache, MySQL, Memcached, Redis, LogStash and Zabbix.



  • Industry: Online Automotive Retail
  • National and International Automotive Listing Website
  • Location: Chicago


  • Docker container to emulate each production server
  • Fully automated creation of the environment
  • Logs automatically visible on devs host laptop
  • Mechanism for devs to ssh into dev environment

Business Requirements

  • A local full stack developer environment
  • No cumbersome installs
  • Works on both windows and mac
  • Low overhead so any laptop can handle it