Flux7 Improves Developer Productivity for an Online Pizza Service Website


MyPizza.com is a web portal connecting pizza customers with pizza restaurants in their neighborhoods, and doing it with a free and simplified automated online ordering system. MyPizza.com worked with Flux7 to create an effective way to automate and reduce operational costs, while improving engineer productivity and configuration management, and also implementing autoscaling to handle spikes in website use.

Flux7 also prepared MyPizza.com for potential service interruptions. To accomplish this effort, Flux7 built its solution for Ruby on Rails on top of the Amazon Relational Database Service platform; this was used for cloud automation. Chef was utilized for configuration management; and Flux7 setup Capistrano for code deployment.



  • Industry: Online Restaurant Service
  • Web portal connecting pizza customers with pizza restaurants
  • Location: Online

Business Requirements

  • Autoscaling to handle spikes
  • Improved Developer productivity
  • Best AWS practices
  • Techniques to handle service interruptions


  • Optimized Configuration Management
  • Complete automation of the developer environment
  • Autoscaling and disaster recovery solutions