Horan and Bird

Flux7 saves the time to market for Australia's 5th largest solar panel by months using Docker


An Australian electrical and solar power technology company engaged Flux7 to develop a complete end-to-end solution. Through an extensive evaluation, Flux7 engineers helped Horan & Bird select an inexpensive inter-enabled power monitoring gateway.

The overall aim was to improve customer engagement by informing them of the savings they earn from using solar panels, as well as disconnect the solar power of customers who are behind on their lease payments. Meanwhile, also developing a white-label solution for other solar panel providers doing business throughout Australia.

To do so, Flux7 combined AWS, SailWider and Power Gateway hardware with Python, Cassandra, Twitter Bootstrap, Celery and Amazon SES software. The combination of the overall solution with the client’s product and service portfolio created a powerful one-click dashboard that maximizes customer value using a unique blend of consultancy, innovation and implementation.



  • Industry: Energy
  • 5th Largest Solar Panel Installer
  • Location: Australia

Business Requirements

  • Improved customer engagement
  • Improved collection rates on defunct customers
  • New marketing channels


  • Monitor power consumption
  • Store data in the cloud
  • Custom message to increase customer engagement and include product news
  • Send emails to customers using Amazon SES